Oil Change Fail

So this is a story from back in 2001. Most of my close friends will remember this one. It was nearly 6 months after Tonya and I got married when she decided that we should "save money". Her idea of this was making me change the oil in her new Suzuki Vitara instead of paying someone to do it. Now, all of you who know me well already realize that I am not a handy individual. My tool shed consists of a swiss army knife, duck tape, and a clicky pencil. So anyhow, off to the store I went to buy oil. Not sure how I ended up with the right oil because there were too many kinds to pick from... Baby oil, massage oil, etc. I somehow managed to walk out with the right kind. To the garage I went. About 7 hours later, fluids were drained and oil was filled. Understand at that time my wife was driving 35 miles to the other side of Altoona for work every day. After driving to work and returning home she routinely stopped at the mailbox to grab the mail. As she puts the car back in drive she notices that it just revs up and does not move. After about 8 or 9 tries of going back and forth from Park to Drive it finally went and got her to the top of the driveway. Of course I wasn't home at the time, so her father came down to see what was wrong with it. She also mentioned to him that the automatic transmission had a hard time shifting the entire way home. She had to drive home in a very low gear. In the meantime, he is still in the garage as I get home from work and pull up the driveway. As I walk in the garage I notice that he is opening a large bottle of transmission fluid. He looks up and me and says "Next time go to Jiffy Lube." Evidently I drained the transmission fluid AND dumped 4 more quarts of oil in the motor. I drained the wrong plug. Now, my father in law is a very quiet man, but this might have something to do with them not letting me do anything except make lemonade while he was building my house. I insisted that I wanted to help lay blocks, but for some reason everyone was always thirsty.

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